The De´Longhi Brand is an ambassador for Italy´s ability to combine technology, style, quality and innovation with a unique and sustainable lifestyle. Over the years, De´Longhi has always created innovative products, many of which have become benchmarks.


Kenwood, a well-known British producer of kitchen appliances with more than 60years of experience. Kenwoods are firm favourites at home and with semi-professionals.

Privileges Services

The company Privileges Services brings you the premium quality pre-sales and after-sales services when the acquisitons lof uxury cars and related services. Highly professional and individual approach.

Premium club

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Laboratory for CSF, neuroimmunology, pathology and special diagnostics, Topelex Ltd., represents a unique multidisciplinary centre in the Czech Republic focused on laboratory diagnostics, mainly of the cerebrospinal fluid, but also of the extravascular fluids and blood in the areas of clinical biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, pathology and cytology.


At Breezy we perceive technology as an instrument for achieving valuable goals. We want to free your hands to do things that really matter. Therefore, we create websites and applications that will serve you and liberate you from routine work.

Project Rehab

Unique and design pieces. The goal of the Rehab project was clear from day one: REHABILITATION from mass, uniform and the same fashion to unique, original and distinctive pieces that have "balls".

Vermont exclusively represents premium fashion brands on the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian market. The brands are GANT, KARL LAGERFELD, Peak Performance, Camel Active, La Martina, Brooks Brothers, Nautica and Odd Molly. You can visit more than 100 designed stores or online store GANT.

A fast-growing, dynamic company operating on the market since 2005. A young team of professionals following the latest market trends is ready to meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients from among private investors and state institutions. It specializes in architectural designs, design activities and at the same time our portfolio also includes the implementation of constructions, engineering activities and technical supervision of the investor in the implementation of constructions.