We invite you to the best breakfast in Prague!

23. January 2014

Dear Guests,

Imagine a place where you will come to enjoy great coffee, freshly baked croissants, sweets by the pastry chef, or a good hearty breakfast, all before work. 

A place where you will be attracted by the smell of grilled chicken rotating on the spit, anytime you just walk by. 

A place where the owners care about your satisfaction, so all the products are prepared in organic quality, such as free range Czech chicken from Vodňany, as a specialty of this business.

A place where it does not matter whether you come to us for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For every day, we will have prepared full range of delicious dishes that you can eat on premises, or you can have them packed to take away with you. 

The unique Riccardo Lucque and his team of chef’s project, the concept of "gastrobistro" is exactly such a place. 

And because Riccardo´s gastronomic dream, to still create new opportunities for the dissemination of high-​quality fine cuisine, was always on a professional level; the concept of this type of business was inspired in world capitals, where it has been a very popular trend for both residents and tourists in Paris, New York or London.

We are glad to present a new shop - a gastro bistro, where every fan of delicious Italian cuisine, quality food, fast service and an original environment, will return. 

Please accept our invitation to the grand opening of our company, which will be held on Saturday and Sunday, the 1st and 2nd of February 2014. Throughout the day you will find a free breakfast, where you can enjoy delicious eggs, crispy croissants and Prosecco.

Come to enjoy a good meal in Gastronomica La Bottega di Aromi (Ondříčkova 17, Prague 2).


Riccardo Lucque and Gastronomica La Bottega di Aromi team