Introducing an ambitious Summer menu that is exciting from the starters! We are adding an appetizer requested by you, our guests. Chef Jakub Čadina prepared this dish as one of the specials for the Amano event hosted by Gastronomice. During that evening, many guests expressed how much they enjoyed it, and that they would like to see it on the permanent menu. Jakub listened, and so you may now enjoy marinated sardines with a San Marzano tomato salad, tomato water, and basil oil. Let’s see what else is fresh to the menu.

Gazpacho – our version of this chilled melon-tomato soup is served with rhubarb and octopus, and is a perfect refresher for Summer days.

For pasta e risotto, we offer you strozzapreti with calamari, octopus, shrimp, and fresh tomato concasse, or potato gnocchi with a veal and vegetable ragout.

Traditional Italian cuisine is best reflected on this menu by the ravioli filled with smoked ricotta and spinach. Viva Italia!

Lemon, fennel, zucchini…. so Summery. Taste this combination in the form of our lemon risotto with pickled courgette and marinated salmon.

And now for the main courses. Have the cod with green pea purée, lardo, and a brown butter sauce. Each part of this dish has simple flavors, but our preparation combines them into a delicious, complex experience.

The latest novelty on the card is our lamb picanha served with wild broccoli, sesame seeds, sardine sauce, and artichoke purée. This course brings out an interesting combination of lamb and anchovies, and we think you’ll enjoy it as much as we do. 

While setting up the Summer menu, Chef Jakub tried to keep it simple, but still imaginative.  Every course has something to say. For us, this is a great menu, from flavor to presentation. Come in and taste it.