Food tastes best outside in the summer. And for that reason, we are planning a special BBQ party for you, with two of our chefs in fiery combat! Who will win your heart (or plate)? Team La Bottega Linka or Team Gastronomica? It is gonna be dramatic and definitely delicious. We decided to pit the strength of these two bistros against each other in your favorite summer style – barbeque. In the middle of July we all will be looking forward to a blazing “fight” between two chefs - Lukáš Sedláček from Linka and Jakub Čadina from Gastronomica. And the ring? The beautiful garden of La Bottega Gastronomica and surrounding area. Write down the most important date of the foodie season - 14. 7. 2018 and time 17:00.

To have a fair fight, both chefs will use the same equipment. And for this battle, only the best available on the market will do. We will grill in the famous X-​Oven. You may know it from La Bottega Linka, where it has been featured from the beginning. This miracle device will be supplied by our partner for this event – Premium Gastro

We won’t keep you in suspense, so let’s see what is on the menu. Lukáš from La Bottega Linka is going all in with marinated salmon with pressed cucumber and buttermilk, and also Frisona steak for 2, together with a salad of grilled bell peppers and grenaille potaoes baked in ash.

La Bottega Gastronomica, led by their captain Jakub Čadina, will entice you with calamari filled with homemade salsiccia and radish-​fennel salad. We also must mention his grilled pork pluma with potato confit burnt in straw with fermented carrot.

Come and support your favourite team, and enjoy a lovely evening with a glass of wine in hand, together with your friends or family. We will announce more details and behind the scene moments on our Facebook event. You can follow us here!