Lunch menu

LUNCH MENU 2.12. - 6.12. 2019


Semolina soup with cumin , vegetables , tripe  and homemade noodles

Creamy soup from baked parsley with confited garlic and watercress


Risotto with fried savoy cabbage and lardo

Tagliatelle with tomatoes ginger sauce and burrata foam

Rigatoni with puré from aubergine, fava beans and feta cheese


Baked chicken thighs with roasted potatoes and dip from beetroot

Fish of the day with glazed carrot and souce from buttermilk and dill

Zuppa 95 Kč

Zuppa + pasta 265 Kč

Zuppa + main 295 Kč

Pasta+ main 345 Kč