Lunch menu

LUNCH MENU 20.10. - 24.11.2017


Pea soup with croutons

Tagliatelle with parmesan sauce

Pork tenderloin with onion sauce and roasted potatoes


Beef broth with egg yolk

Lasagne Bolognese with parmesan cheese

Pork T-bone steak with horseradish mash


Lentil soup with root vegetables

Pappardelle with pork ragout and red onion

Spicy meat balls with roasted potatoes and fried onion


Chicken soup with garlic oil

Rigatoni with basil pesto

Chicken thigh with Dijon mustard and mashed potatoes


Leek cream with potatoes

Fusilli with tomato sauce with mozzarella

A quarte of French roasted chicken with couscous salad and dried fruit

Your choice of a soup and a main dish for 215 Kč.