Breakfast menu

breakfast from free range eggs

Egg Royal
Uova reali

205 Kč

Egg Benedict
Uova benedettine

195 Kč

Omelette with Fontina cheese
Omelette alla fontina

165 Kč

Scrambled eggs with roasted tomatoes
Uova strapazzate con pomodori arrosto

195 Kč

3 minute eggs with clarified butter and chives
Uova cotte 3 miniti con burro fuso ed erba cipollina

115 Kč

Fried eggs with ham
Uova al prosciutto cotto

195 Kč

la bottega breakfast

Vanilla yoghurt with freshly baked granola and wild berries
Yogurt alla vaniglia con la nostra granola e frutti di bosco

135 Kč

Porridge with caramelised pear and cinnamon
Porridge con pera caramellata e cannella

145 Kč

Fruit salad

125 Kč

Thick slice of our Altamura bread, jam, butter
and honey
Pane di Altamura a fette, marmellata, burro e miele

105 Kč

Breakfast is served Monday to Friday 9:00 - 11:00, during the weekends 9:00 - 13:00

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Service charge of 12,5% will be added to the final bill for groups of 8 and more people.