In 2007, Italian chef Riccardo Lucque opened the shop La Bottega di Aromi around the corner from the restaurant, Aromi on Mánesova Street. Six years later, Riccardo chose to expand the tiny shop with Italian delicacies into larger premises and change its concept. That is how Gastronomica was born.

The new business of La Bottega Gastronomica was nspired by global trends in gastronomy began its operation in January 2014 on Ondříčkova street in Prague 3. The gastronomic bistro with a great selection of Italian delicacies has one exclusive innovation – a kitchen with a completely new concept called "rosticceria".

In the summer months you can enjoy beautiful garden.

La Bottega Gastronomica
La Bottega Gastronomica

Rosticceria in Italian means a place for barbecues and grills. Therefore, the grill is placed in the middle of the bistro with fresh grilled, free-range chicken. The grilled chicken meals are complimented with multiple hot buffets with the best that Italian cuisine has to offer.

A full range of delicious dishes is prepared for you every day and can be eaten on site or packed with you. It doesn't matter if you come for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Quality products are ready all day long. Store and a bistro in one place. This is  what La Bottega Gastronomica stands for.



We prepare several types of fresh pasta every day in our production at La Bottega TusarovaWe use semolina flour for all our pastas except ravioli.



Fresh breads and pastries made from Italian flour are baked every day at La Bottega Tusarova. Our bakers are true experts in Pane di Altamura and natural leaven.



In our selection you can find Salami di Cinta Senese, Salami al Tartufo (truffle), wild boar salami and several kinds of mortadella. Our main meat supplier, Domenico Celli also produces for us a homemade prosciutto, called Prosciutto di Fiocca.