Lunch menu

LUNCH MENU 26.06. - 30.06.2017


Creamy cauliflower soup with croutons

Tagliolini with roasted pepper, arugola and parmesan shavings

Beef tagliata with spinach sauté and potato purée


Sweet-sour tomato soup with mozzarella

Tagliatelle with veal ragù and colored carrots

Rolled pork belly with apple-celery puree


Borlotti with chili and pancetta

Fusilli Primavera (pepper, tomatoes, basil, zucchini)

Baked cod with couscous salad and basil pesto


Goulash with potatoes

Rigatoni alla puttanesca

Salsiccia with Beluga lentils and root vegetables


Mushroom creamy soup

Risotto with pumpkin purée

French roasted chicken with zucchini salad

Your choice of a soup and a main dish for 215 CZK